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Participant of 2020 Social Distancing Challenge

Verofax allows healthcare providers and at risk
patients to maintain safe distances by allowing for
the delivery of controlled medication and ensuring
safe supply in lockdowns and quarantines.
Pharmaceutical marketplace with verified delivery
of patients to allow for delivery of prescribed and
controlled medication. The patented technology
that allows for medicines to be delivered safely in
the last mile of delivery with thermometers,
locking at the pharmacy level with QR codes,
unlocking at the patients home with biometric
verification (linked to ICA), tracking delivery, and
integrated ePrescription and eCLaim for a
seamless automated experience for patients.
Pharmacies can become ePharmacies without
high investments, paying only an onboarding fee
and a small fee per order. This is especially
important for long term care and at-risk
populations who can order refills of their
medication without going to visit hospitals and
clinics where they might be exposed. The startup
is going straight to consumers for the
marketplace, but also has a business model
that serves the B2B ecosystem with relevant
data insights for optimized operations,
strategic oversight, and fraud prevention.

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