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Accelerate your start-up journey with NVIDIA

Accelerate your start-up journey with NVIDIA

NVIDIA is hosting an exclusive session with DIFC Innovation Hub. The event aims to introduce NVIDIA's inception program, which represents a remarkable opportunity for start-ups to gain competitive advantage by utilising the latest AI and data science technologies. This event offers an excellent chance for start-ups to gain a deep understanding of how NVIDIA can assist them in unlocking the full potential of AI for their business. 

About the speakers:

Wei Xiao, Director of Developer Relations, cross-geo at NVIDIA: Wei has a breadth of expertise in Applied AI, IoT and Mobile. Prioir to NVIDIA, Wei led the AI ecosystem engineering and evangelism team at Arm, driving the success of Arm ML hardware and software penetration through technical partnerships and community engagements. Before that, she spent 7 years at Samsung in the IoT and mobile developer relations teams, covering different toles from an evangelist to Director of ecosystem engineering. Wei is enthusiastic about cultivating developer relationships for product growth and innovation and bringing a robust user experience. In her spare time, Wei teaches AI course in the Graduate School of Computer Science at Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley.

Join us as we bring the tech community together and take a closer look into NVIDIA's Inception program.


Director of Developer Relations, NVIDIA

Wei Xiao