MentorMondays: Ersoy Erkazanci

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MentorMondays: Ersoy Erkazanci

#MentorMondays Ersoy Erkazanci

We've launched our mentor programme, and chosen 11 industry experts based on their professional experiences. Every Monday starting April 12 hear from one of our mentor squad members as they share relevant advice, from their past experience, to an audience of entrepreneurs.

This session is brought to you by Ersoy Erkazanci, who is going to share learnings from his experience in asset management and news broadcasting.

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Ersoy Erkazanci, has worked in asset management for top Turkish banks & is currently a financial correspondent for Bloomberg HT in Dubai where he delivers financial market updates to investors about GCC markets & Asian markets. The topics he covers range from stock markets, currencies, commodities, fixed income, & also include such reports as mergers & acquisitions, business & social headlines relevant to the region. Ersoy regularly interviews distinguished guests regarding financial markets. He has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Middle East Technical University & MBA from Bilkent University.