MentorMondays: Saqr Ereiqat

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MentorMondays: Saqr Ereiqat

#MentorMondays Saqr Ereiqat

We've launched our mentor programme, and chosen industry experts based on their professional experiences. On Mondays, hear from one of our mentor squad members as they share relevant advice, from their past experience, to an audience of entrepreneurs. This session is brought to you by Saqr Ereiqat.

Saqr Mashhor Ereiqat is a Dubai based BlockChain Aficionado. In IBM’s consulting arm, Global Business Services he works with the UAE public sector & government industry. He also leads the Global Innovation Institute's UAE Chapter. He has been published by Reuters and IBM on BlockChain and helped public and private sector entities define their BlockChain Agenda. He has establish an award winning HealthTech Innovation Hub for the Government Saudi Arabia and spent the majority of his career at IBM leading complex projects across 23 Countries in Europe, Middle East & Africa. Saqr has mentored start ups in South Korea, India, UAE, Switzerland and the GCC. 

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