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Scale-up Event

Fundraising event: Scale-Up Day

The Scale-up event is a platform that introduces startups raising beyond Series A to the MENA's leading venture capital firms, family offices, corporate and  government funds, private equity firms, and investment  banks.

The event is designed to scale these startups in the MENA region through strategic partnerships and investment resources of the DIFC Fintech Hive ecosystem.

Join the event to hear from FinTechs from around the world as they pitch for funding to a panel of DIFC FinTech Hive's Funding Partners. During the event you will also hear from some of MENA's leading startups on their funding journey and how they have managed to scale their solutions in the region.

11:00 AM    Welcome & opening remarks by Raja Al Mazrouei (EVP – FinTech Hive)
11:15 AM    Startup pitch #1 - VertoFX Ltd
11:35 AM    Startup pitch #2 - Settlemint
11:55 AM    Startup pitch #3 - Flow Global
12:15 PM    Startup pitch #4 - AlternatifSuperApp
12:35 PM    Startup pitch #5 - CoverGo
12:55 PM    Guest speaker: The Sarwa Fundraising Journey
1:15 PM    Guest Speaker: The SmartCrowd Fundraising Journey
1:30 PM    Startup pitch  #6 - Copecart
1:50 PM    Startup pitch t#7 - HedgeSPA Limited
2:10 PM    Startup pitch #8  - Abhi
2:30 PM    Startup pitch #9 - MadfooatCom
2:50 PM    Startup pitch #10 - MoneyMatch
3:10 PM    Closing remarks by DIFC FinTech Hive