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Metaverse Accelerator Programme

Applications closed

About the programme 

The number of financial institutions entering the Metaverse is rising at a rapid pace, creating a new opportunity for institutions to further innovate through offering virtual experiences.

The Metaverse Accelerator Programme is designed to attract leading startups from all over the world, working on the next step of blockchain technology, the Metaverse.

This programme will enable leading institutions in both private and public sectors to overcome their challenges by taking an innovative approach. The possibilities to collaborate and innovate are endless.

The programme is also in line with the UAE’s strategy to be a global leader as a Metaverse economy, outlining the future for the region and the world!

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Build proof-of-concepts for the Government and Non-government institutions and insurance companies
Workshops & support services from 55+ ecosystem partners
Marketing/PR exposure and networking opportunities with FinTech community
Co-working space in DIFC

Programme eligibility

Demonstrate Minimum Viable Product
Demonstrate that access to Government and Non- government executives will have a meaningful impact on your growth prospects
Nominate 1-2 members of your Senior Team (e.g. Founder/ CEO/ CTO) as representatives
Provide a demo to partners & ability to illustrate excellent pitch presentations

Programme Timeline

Launch Programme
Run Programme
Conclude Programme
  • February - April: Scouting
  • May: FinTech Hive conducts interviews with startups and onboards final cohort
  • June: Metaverse Launchpad kick-off through launch event followed by Bootcamp
  • June-July: Cohort engages with programme sponsors through dedicated pitch sessions
  • August: Metaverse Launchpad Demo Day


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